Monday, May 2, 2011

Torino, Italy, *Francesca Marchini

Where did you study abroad? 
Torino, Italy

For how long?  (and why did you choose that length?) 
 Jan-May 5 months. I wanted to do something longer than a summer program but shorter than a year. At the time I was scraed to miss slo for a year. Now i wish i was gone a full year. 

Which program? 

Pre-departure preparations
Student Visa, USAC helped out with that the whole way. They were very helpful. Bought clothes to fit the weather patterns. 

Beginning experiences and feelings upon arrival? 
Overwhelmed. But once i got settled in I thought it was in Disneyland for adults. 

Any culture shock? excitement? nervous? 
No culture shock. I kept on thinking I missed things from america but end those things didn't matter. 

Best part
seeing the world and getting to experience the a relaxed culture. I love that having dinner and getting drinks takes 2 hours out of your day. Not watching TV and socializing with everyone

Any difficulties? (cultural, language, etc) 
The smoking. I don't mind it outside but inside a restaurant where I would be eating was annoying.

Information about Torino (best places to go, watch out for, etc..) 
Go to as many aperivos as you can. You basically by a drink and get all you can appetizers for free ( it is a meal).Take the city tour bus right when you into town. It will help with you deiced what you really want to see in Torino. Live in Downtown and Midtown. Do not live at school!! 

What did you learn? 
Everything about life! 

Any advice you’d give to a prospective study abroad student? 
Just go and never look back. Being abroad is the best experience of your life. When you return home after its all said and done you are going to miss being aboard more than you missed home. Home and your college town will always be there. Traveling for 6 weeks after graduation isn't the same experience as living there.

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