About Us

Our globalized economies depend so critically on cross-cultural interactions that learning about and living in a foreign nation creates an irreplaceable experience. Studying overseas is a perfect opportunity to create this experience.

Approximately 1% of college students study abroad, despite reports that over 50% of first-year students say they are interested in studying overseas. Why is there such a disparity in the number of students who actually study abroad and those who want to? My goal of this site is to address this question and find new ways to encourage prospective students to study internationally.

This website is designed for students and by students, and will serve as a study-abroad guide, addressing a range of topics that include difficulties students encounter that likely prevent more U.S. students from studying overseas. This guide discusses the many aspects of studying abroad. Not only does immersion in another culture greatly affect personal growth, it is critical in other dimensions, such as -cross cultural communication, while the experience of being abroad opens new and future opportunities.

Furthermore, this site maintains personal experience pages from students who have previously studied abroad and who want to share their experiences. By including experiences from all around the world, the hopes is that this will also encourage students to decide to study abroad.

We hope this guide will provide students with extra resources that will ultimately encourage more students to study overseas and experience living in another culture. The opportunities are limitless that every student should experience.

Creator of the Study Abroad Guide:

  • Natasha Walstra
  • Contact Information: ndwalstra@gmail.com
  • Natasha is a graduate from Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo. She spent her junior year abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France. Her experience abroad inspired her to create this website for her Senior Project, in hopes to encourage more students to participate in international education. This project turned into more than just a project for school, but something that she will continue working on the need to send more U.S. students abroad.
If interested in contributing to the website, don't hesitate to contact Natasha!