Monday, May 2, 2011

Barcelona, Spain, *Katie Kays,

Where did you study abroad?

For how long? (and why did you choose that length?) 
1 semester...i could not be gone my whole senior year
Which program? 


Pre-departure preparations
getting my visa was a little was packing, i had no idea what to bring

Beginning experiences and feelings upon arrival? 
I was very nervous, excited, and anxious...when i arrived i felt very jet
lagged and disoriented...but it was an exciting feeling

Any culture shock? excitement? nervous? 
Definitely culture shock...i was nervous & excited Best part
traveling around to different countries....trying different foods

Difficulties? (cultural, language, etc) 
I missed my best friends and family A LOT....i think that was the only real difficulty....other than everything being so expensive

Information about Barcelona (best places to go, watch out for, etc..): 
haha way too much to put in restaurant was ceveseria catalonia, watch out for pick pocketers, best clubs: oshum and razzmatazz.....just to name a few :)

What you learned? 
I learned a lot about being on my own and taking initiative...i learned about adjusting to unfamiliar situations and communicating with people from other cultures

Any advice you’d give to a prospective study abroad student
Do research beforehand, roll with the punches, relax, be safe, and have fun!

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