Monday, May 9, 2011

Flint, Miami, *Vedat Artantas (from Germany)

Where did you study abroad?
Flint, Miami

For how long (and why did you choose that length?
Only one term, 3 months (I chose it because it is a partner university of my German university, so it was without any extra fees)

Pre-departure preparations
Organizing lots of paper for travelling, like visa, any living apartment documents, the trip from New York City to Flint by plane, places to stay befor arriving in Flint and an recommendation letter from my prof. in Germany

Beginning experiences and feelings upon arrival? culture shock? excitement? nervous?
First of all I was sooo happy to arrive finally, then I thought I know nearly all those places from the movies.. so I felt really confident with for example New York City (Manhattan). it was like I was there before, but I've never been there actually :)... funny feeling anyway.
Culture shock was not that what lots of people had expected, I guess.. it was really nice and I never had problems with anyone over there at any of the places I visited. So there was only positive shock if this counts :) I have to say that I was 29 when I arrived there, so I was not excited or nervous... maybe younger people would be, but i was really relaxed and i felt sooo great :)) that's why I can recommend studying abroad to everyone.

Overall Experience
I collected lot's of great views and my way of thinking about the people in the USA changed in a much more positive way than expected. I never had problems with them, but since I was there, I think I know them even better and I loved the place and the people :))

Best part
Meeting my 2 "brothers" Jackson and Jordan (honestly!!) and lot's of other nice people, but those two I won't ever forget, for sure! The other thing was to have the chance to see sooo many places and meet nice peoples and have even a good relationship between Christian, Jews and Muslims (I am Muslim btw) and we were really good friends :)

Any difficulties?
I think there was only one week, when I ran out of money....but my family helped me out so after this week I kept going on with my nice life :)

Favorite places visited?
1. New York City Manhattan, 2. Miami-Beach, 3. Chicago, 4. San Francisco, 5. San Diego, 6. Los Angeles (for me the east-side was very nice) and watch out for Detroit and Flint, not to go alone out after it is dark, or you could get any problems in some areas... i never had problems, but maybe others could ;)
I learned to improve my English, how people live and think in the USA and that it doesn´t matter where you are in the world, without money you are lost, and without family support twice ;)
check the places of the city where your partner university is!! try to avoid boring citys, like Flint, there is nothing to see, unfortunately... but it was ok to go to Canada (Toronto and Niagara Falls) and Chicago by car, thats it ;) even partying was arround 2 hours I think San Diego would be much better hehe... but anywhere, doesn´t really matter where you go, important is what you do, just enjoy and have fun.. be openminded to everyone and you will meet lot´s of nice people, like i did....

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