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Florence, Italy, *Kim Wohlleb

Guide for Florence

Places to Eat:
Paninis: Oil Shoppe, Antico Noe, i Fratellini, Gusto Panino (all of them are under 4 Euro for amazing amazing paninis, quick to-go kind of thing)

Pizza: Gusta Pizza, Za Za Trattoria, Trattoria Mario (pretty much anywhere actually..)

Nice dinners:
1. il Latini (this is a MUST)- its a completely Italian style dining experience, they bring you out tons of food, tons of wine, deserts, everything, its the best (a little on the pricey side, but well worth it) make sure to get a reservation because it gets packed really quick.

2. Coquinarius (our favorite)- less expensive but amazing food, especially the Pear and Pecorino cheese ravioli. Also, if you like brie cheese, they have an appetizer that is to die for called the brie, honey and almond bruschetta.

3. Golden View- right along the Arno River- views of the Ponte Vecchio at night. More contemporary, really good food. If you can, sit by the window, it is beautiful at night.

4. Gatto e Volpe: the only place in Florence that actually gives you really good bread (fyi- Italians dont usually put salt in their bread... a lot different than at home) and they have really good penne with vodka sauce

4. Quattro Leoni- really good, a lot of people take their parents there...

5. Trattoria Tredici Gobbi- another good one

6. Buca Mario- havent been there but we hear great things, a little more pricey as well, but apparently its really good :):)

**Aside from il Latini and Buca Mario, all the rest are pretty affordable places with really really good food. To be honest, its hard not to like everything, but these places are definitely hot spots for us.


1. Grom- really touristy but good. its supposed to be more "natural" whatever that means...

2. The actual best place in Florence though is a place called "La Carraia" and it is two bridges down from the Ponte Vecchio (Ponte Carraia) on the opposite side of the river from the Duomo. (to be clear, the duomo is on one side of the river, and this place is on the opposite side of the river... hah) anyways, as soon as you cross the "La Carraia bridge" the gelato place is right on the corner. Its the best. Get the "biscottini" (cookies)... all of our favorite

3. Perche No? also pretty good

4. Vivoli, used to be like, an award winning gelato place...

Sights to see:
Uffizi Museum
Accademia (the David is here)
Bargello Museum
Churches- Santa Croce, Santa Maria Novella (where we lived these past few months)
Ponte Vecchio (famous bridge full of gold jewelry)
**Piazza de Michelangelo: best views of Florence, a little bit of a hike to get to, but worth it. there is a restaurant up there too if you wanted to eat there. Beautiful during the day and night- great spot for pictures.
**Hike the Duomo stairs: really cool views as well, plus a little bit of a work out to help with all of the pasta, pizza and gelato you'll be eating :):) haha
**Cascina Park: non touristy, huge park, great to walk around, kind of an escape from the city.

*My favorite thing to do at night (when we arent drinking): Walk from the ponte vecchio, down two bridges to ponte carraia, cross the river, get gelato from that one place that i told you about, and stand on the bridge looking at the view. the lights on the ponte vecchio and along the river are all beautiful, and its really fun to just enjoy the view and hang out on the bridge.

**Also, some Saturday nights a guy plays the guitar and sings on the Ponte Vecchio, so grab a bottle of wine and go hang out there if you get a chance

Old Stove (right by the Duomo): its an Irish Pub, and the Bartenders are really cool- most of the time they're hammered... so its fun

Shot Cafe: near the Duomo as well- they have about 50 shots to choose from with ridiculous names like "Hiroshima" "Duck Fart" "Lube Job" and "American Flag" and stuff.. we spend a lot of time there... but be careful.. the phrase "death by Shot Cafe" has been used more than once during this trip hahah

Mayday- small bar but decent drinks and they serve popcorn to your table, always a plus

La Dolce Vita (accross the river)- appertivo (buy a drink and get free appetizers) is really good, kind of a swanky place, but fun

Naima- small but fun

All of the bars around the Santa Croce area are cool- Moyo, Naima, XBacco, etc.

Space- two story club, fun to dance at, they make their drinks strong, again- always a plus

21- really fun, smaller, underground, Wednesday nights are hip hop nights

Red Garter- more Americanized- its a bar and it has a dance area. Tuesday nights are beer pong tournament nights

Other things:
-Piazza Signoria is really popular- right by the Uffizi Museum
-San Lorenzo leather markets are really cool, super cheap stuff like scarves and belts and stuff, plus leather jackets and purses for your mom :):) haha
-Lion's Fountain is another great bar, forgot about that one

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